random (30)Start at the Entry Level
A rider can become part of a Club and learn from the experience they have to offer a new member including learn to ride and race clinics. Taking part in these clinics will provide a clear understanding of the sport and it will give the knowledge that is needed to grow as a rider. The rider can also stay as an independent rider and participate in the many regional and weekly events that are hosted throughout the year. BMX specific riders can join a local track and participate in their weekly events.


Provincial Level Competition
Once a rider has been competing in entry level events and has seen success they should move up to the provincial series of events for Road and Mountain Bike known as the Ontario Cup Series. In BMX riders have the option to move up in proficiency from Novie to Intermediate or Expert. At this level a rider should consider joining a club/team and start looking for his or her first coach. Often, this can be done in one step, as many clubs have certified coaches. A list of qualified coaches around the province is available from the OCA website or by calling 416.426.7416.


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