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LynnABOUTLynne Corrado

A native of Toronto, Ontario, she began curling at age 24 at a local curling club in Toronto. She began coaching competitive Junior curling in 1995. She has coached multiple Bantam, and Junior competitive teams for both womens and mixed teams. She has taken 9 teams to an Ontario Provincial Championship winning 2 Provincial Banners as well as coaching an Ontario Under 18 team to an International Championship. In 2009-10 she coached her first Senior Women’s team and her team also qualified for an Ontario Provincial Championship. When not coaching, Lynne is involved in teaching at many Junior and Adult Curling clinics as well. Conditioning and Mental prep & motivation being her favourite topics. Lynne also competes 3 times a week as well as coaching.



JoeABOUTJoe Corrado

Also a native of Toronto, He has coached at many levels of Girls Fastpitch ball, both at houseleague and competitive levels. Also has been a Director of Junior Curling and Developement in the Greater Toronto Area with the Toronto Curling Association for the past 15 years. Hockey, Cycling and Horseback riding take up any extra time. Both Joe and Lynne work with groups and individual athletes who endorse Sports and a Good Quality of Life Standard through exercise and proper nutritional values. Also teach  Hydration Seminars and speak at Health, Wellness &  Fitness trade shows and Promotional Functions along with other athletes. Also promoting role models for their sports and committed to helping people of all ages lead a healthy, active lifestyle.